About the Company

VIXEN LOGISTICS is a enterprise specialized in the provision of integrated logistics services int the area of foreign trade.


Established in 2009, the company comprises a team of professionals with proven experience in international Ocean and Air Freight and all kinds of shipments. Their experience also comprehend logistic solutions aimed at operations that are safe, efficient, fast and with the lowest possible cost, ensuring greater peace of mind and time availability for the client to focus on the activities of the company. Resulting from the gathering of professionals with great experience and competence in the international freight forwarding market, VIXEN LOGISTICS was established under the principles of transparence, ethics and moral, participative management, socio-environmental responsibility and full appreciation of its staff, having the strict compliance of all signed contracts as its basic premise, ensuring the integrity and safety of the transported cargoes, in order to add greater value to the products and services of its clients, at competitive rates.

Fully structured according to modern concpts of  internaciona ltransport.

Our team of qualified professionals, with vast experience in all areas of foreign trade, combines our expertise and excellent relationship with several companies within the segment and customs  uthorities with innovative solutions and the quality needed to provide customized assistance to  ach one of our clients. We also have business partners in the main ports and airports in Brazil  nd worldwide.

Vixen or Fox (The English word “vixen” means female fox)

Beautiful animal of a lonely nature, the fox summarizes the ambivalence of human consciousness.  hanks to their hunting methods, foxes are known by their wit and cunningness, and that reflects the  indset that gave origin to VIXEN, expressively seeking business opportunities with wisdom and  ntelligence. An important key to the success is self-confidence. And, an important key to self-confidence is preparation.

In 2016, we felt the need to modernize our logo in order to line up with premises such as organization, innovation and quality, to establish our position as global reference.

Changing the  logo and even the colors that identify the company was a maneuver to leverage our brand name.

The moment was appropriate because we felt the need for the company to reposition itself
and show its evolution and modernization. Such moment was very important and conscientious, being carried out after careful planning and taking into consideration the new positioning of the company.



Ensure the excellence of our services, maximizing value for our clients,
staff members and shareholders. Become reference in terms of competence
and ethics in the international scenario..


Be a global reference in our business, constantly seeking quality using
advanced technology and innovative logistic actions.


Qualification and appreciation of our staff, *because they are key components.
Integrity throughout the performance of our processes.
Focus on offering and exercising a servant leadership with teamwork.
Encourage creativity and autonomy with responsibility.
Generate confidence and credibility in our clients, staff, suppliers and partners.